Natural and home remedies for colitis


remedies for colitisThe irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder that affects the last part of the intestine, called the colon. It is the most common type of colitis, and is steadily increasing. It is estimated that those who suffer from it have more than doubled in a decade. From the results of many scientific research is a clear and direct link between the ulcerative conditions of extreme psychological stress, anxiety, discomfort and agitation, exacerbated by a general context of sedentary lifestyle, diet low in fiber and food intolerances.



Enzymes as a remedy anti colitis

Many natural remedies can bring relief and benefit. It is recommended that you supplement your diet with Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a good ferment, can heal the colon. It is a strain of Lactobacillus casei capable of renewing the intestinal flora probiotic, counteracting the action of microorganisms harmful to the organism. In addition, it contrasts the putrefactive processes of the digestive tract that can cause bad breath, flatulence and changes in colonic microflora, allowing lactobacilli to reproduce quickly in the intestine.


Green clay as a remedy anti colitis

We recommend that you also take green clay, healing properties, capable of restoring intestinal balance. It is a compound of trace elements and minerals that are very important for the health, which are useful in the absorption of intestinal gas, and capable to decrease the inflammation of the colon. Rich in minerals, green clay has a positive effect on the intestine, as it absorbs liquids, gases and harmful toxins, cleanses the blood, eliminates bacteria and purifies the body.



Medicinal herbal teas as a remedy anti colitis

You can also relieve abdominal pain typical of colitis with medicinal herbal teas for anxiety, such as lime, mint, fennel, anise, dill, marshmallow, lemon balm, yarrow and chamomile.


Diet and proper nutrition as a remedy anti colitis

Provided that you have not intolerant, in the case of colitis is advisable to consume lettuce, zucchini, steamed or boiled potatoes, rice, pasta, spelled, barley, apples, natural yogurt, oily fish and white meats. Instead, the case temporarily suspend the consumption of milk, cheese, garlic, peppers, beans, mushrooms, eggplant, leeks, sausages, fat and processed foods, soft drinks, alcohol and coffee.