Diet in ulcerative colitis


anti colitis dietColitis is an extremely annoying noise, caused by an inflammation of the colon, often due to conditions of extreme psychological stress. In the treatment of colitis is important to identify the reason that leads to this condition of stress and try to put a remedy. Secondly, you should change your diet in such a way as to facilitate digestion and relax the intestinal walls.


First, during the acute phase of the disease, in which trigger symptoms such as frequent diarrheal discharges, nausea and vomiting, it is advisable to take a short fast in order not to further strain the digestive system, thus avoiding to consume solid foods, including whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits, and take only liquids.
Once past the acute phase of colitis is very important to follow a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and liquids can restore losses and facilitate the restoration of tissues. You can then re-include in your diet flour of whole grains, such as wheat, rice, barley and oats, white meat, fish, especially salmon, mackerel and tuna, green leafy vegetables and yellow fruit, high in carotenoids, vitamin C and minerals. It is recommended to use only extra virgin olive oil raw, rich in vitamins E. In the days following an attack of colitis is advisable to suspend the consumption of milk and dairy products.



Among the foods that can worsen inflammation have alcohol, sweets packaged, refined sugar, coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate and fizzy drinks and spicy foods and fried and fatty foods, such as meat, cheese, cold cuts and sausages.

Diet must be composed of foods simple and easily digestible. In return period of the normal diet is indicated the consumption of soups of cereals, because the soluble fibers promote the elimination of toxins inflammatory.

Take lactic acid bacteria to invigorate and restore the bacterial flora of the intestinal environment. Regularly consumed herbal teas mallow, an herb from the action decongestant, soothing, anti-inflammatory and regularizing. Alternate mallow seeds of warm herbal tea, such as coriander, cumin and fennel, which favor the elimination of intestinal gas and bloating counteracting help relieve abdominal pain.

We would point out that, in case of colitis, is critical also cover the psycho-emotional component. Anxiety, anger withheld, stress, discomfort, worry, tension and nervousness can have negative effects on the functioning of the colon and, more generally, the entire intestine. Consider therefore the use of natural and home remedies for the autonomic sphere, such as lime or magnesium, the more so if the colitis is most acute in times of stress.