Chronic colitis


chronic colitisThe chronic colitis is due to the persistence of inflammation in the body, which is not always possible to trace the origin. Initially it may be confusing to an annoying trail of a summer diarrhea, but if the inflammation becomes more acute or long-lasting, you should consult a doctor.



Symptoms of chronic colitis

The most common symptoms of chronic colitis include nausea, irregular defecation alternating between constipation and diarrhea, vomiting and severe abdominal pain that generally decrease as a result of defecation and after the expulsion of intestinal gas. Among the symptoms of chronic colitis we also have difficulty in expelling stool, anal and perineal pain, pulse frequency, difficulty in swallowing, fatigue, bowel sounds, sounds caused by the passage of gas in the intestines.



Diet and drug treatment for chronic colitis

The chronic colitis benefit from specific therapies that include the combined use of antibiotics, corticosteroids, mesalamine, and in cases of more serious entity, immunosuppressive therapy or surgery. In the milder forms of colitis, you can use the available medications to control symptoms and to treat the acute phase. Since it is a pathological condition that persists over time, sufferers should you make changes to your lifestyle and follow a balanced diet. The modification of certain eating behaviors may in fact mitigate and often erase most of the typical symptoms of chronic colitis. Food intolerance to certain foods, for example, can be one of the causes of chronic colitis, which contributes to its protracted. We therefore recommend that further study of possible food allergies with special tests and rely on a doctor who will assume the responsibility of guiding you towards the gradual recovery of the food tolerance. For colitis from food intolerance is essential to identify the food that is causing the problem and eliminate it from the food plan. In the acute phase is recommended to drink plenty of fluids, preferably hot tea as it is rich in potassium, take moderate portions of food to avoid overloading the gut and restore the intestinal flora with special preparations.